Invadek A Performance Booster

Invadek A Performance Booster Description:             Invadek Oral Sol. is a powerful combination of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D3, E & K3). Invadek Oral Sol. is intended for all species & production groups of livestock used for food production with a particular focus or poultry industry. Invadek Oral Sol. is especially recommended for a large scale […]


Hi-Resist Complete resistance against all diseases

Hi-Resist Complete resistance against all diseases Composition per 1000 ml: Vitamins, pro-vitamins and substances with similar effects Flavoring compounds: substances the inclusion of which in feeding stuffs increases feed smell or palatability Natural products – botanically defined Technological additives Ricinoleate Glycerol polyethylene glicole E 484 Composition per Lt Description: Hi-Resist Oral Solution is a stable, […]


Amivit Makes them stronger

Composition: Properties: Amivit is a complex of hydro and fat-soluble Vitamins, Amino Acids and Electrolytes that corrects deficient states and improves animals yield and feed conversion rate. Amivit improves veterinary productivities with increasing resistance-power against disease. Amivit is very convenient to use without clog of nipple system because it is diluted equally well in hard […]



Hi-Ocid A Logical Choice; Organic Acids that you can see working Additives per Lt: A brief overview of acidifiers: Acidifiers include short chain fatty acids, volatile fatty acids and weak carboxylic acids that are only partly disassociated. The major purpose of using the acidifiers in poultry is to improve growth, performance & profitability. They play […]



Hi-Sorb Mycotoxin Adsorber & Immunity Booster Composition: Deproteinated yeast wall extract Bentonite C + Kaolinite A Brief Overview Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by fungi growing on crops in the fields, during handling and in storage that have a negative effect on animal and human health. Under the appropriate conditions Fungi proliferate, grow colonies and […]



Livatect Step on it Composition Boost metabolism in period of intense production   Functions of liver: The liver has a critical role in many functions (detoxification, hormone production and regulation, bile production, fat metabolism, protein metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism, etc.). Without the liver the body would die. Amazingly, the liver is one of the few […]