Mycotoxin Adsorber & Immunity Booster


Deproteinated yeast wall extract

Bentonite C + Kaolinite

A Brief Overview

Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by fungi growing on crops in the fields, during handling and in storage that have a negative effect on animal and human health. Under the appropriate conditions Fungi proliferate, grow colonies and mycotoxins levels become high. Temperature and moisture are key factors for fungal growth, so the climate plays a key role in fungal growth & the occurrence of mycotoxins. The production of mycotoxins decreases the quality of feed and influences in its nutritional value. This fact has a direct negative effect on the energy level of grain, reducing profitability and having negative impacts on the health and performance of livestock (reduced egg production, reduced growth, feed refusal, etc.).

Mycotoxins of the most concern, based on their toxicity and occurrence are Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin A, Trichothecenes (DON, T-2 toxin, DAC, etc), Zearalenone, Fumonisin and Moniliformin.

Negative Impacts of Mycotoxins:

Reduced feed intake or feed refusal, Reduced nutrient absorption, Immunosuppression, Residues in meat/eggs, Low fertility & hatchability.


What is Hi-Sorb:

Hi-Sorb is a premix for the adsorption and inactivation of mycotoxins. Hi-Sorb agglutinates mycotoxins in the feed, so they can be easily excreted by animal faeces. Hi-Sorb includes adsorbent minerals and immune stimulant with Synergic Effect. It is a mixture of silicates and yeast cell walls. Hi-Sorb improves health and performance of poultry flock and cattle herd. Hi-Sorb does not adsorb enzymes, vitamins & other nutrients, thus it is safe for use at any stage of growing flicks.

Hi-Sorb is able to bind different toxins by an agglutination process. It is accomplished by ion exchange between the absorbent and feed mycotoxins. By reducing their bio-availability, they are prevented from being absorbed through the intestine into the blood circulation, so thus excreted through faeces with the absorbent.


It agglutinates mycotoxins in the feed, so they can be easily excreted by animal faeces, It has a definite detoxifying effect against different toxins, Double synergistic mechanism of action, Absorbs the mycotoxin produced in the field and during the storage, Avoids the tissue affection, Assists the animal in maintaining high levels of resistance, Contributes to a more profitable production, Improves animal performance, Reduces mortality.

Appearance: Light grey powder of high fluency.

Indications for use:

It is a premix for the adsorption and inactivation of mycotoxins. It is a strong absorbent able to inactivate toxins like Aflatoxin B1, Ochratoxin-A or Zearalenone etc. Wide range of adsorption.

Contamination level Mycotoxin (ppb) Others toxin Recommended dosage
Prevention (0) DON < 100 No 1 Kg/Ton
Low DON < 500 No 2 Kg/Ton
Medium DON > 500 Yes 3 Kg/Ton
High DON > 1000 Yes 4 Kg/Ton


-Low doses of inclusion.

Recommended dosage:

Presentation: 25 Kg. Bags

Shelf life: Stable for at least 36 months after production date, well stored. 7 days after being mixed.