Amivit Makes them stronger


Vitamin A (E 672)4.800.00 U.I.Arginine2.67 g
Vitamin D3 (E 671)1.000.000 U.I.Histidine1.02 g
Vitamin E7.600.00 U.I. Aspartic Acid4.59 g
Vitamin K3125 mgSerine3.44 g
Vitamin B17.30 gGlutamic Acid7.9 g
Vitamin B24.30 gProline2.67 g
Vitamin B61.60 gGlycine3.06 g
Vitamin B1210 mg Alanine3.31 g
D-Panthenol9 gCystine0.76 g
Choline Chloride37.50 mgValine3.57 g
Inositol2.5 mg Leucine4.08 g
Biotin2 mgIsoleucine2.42 g
D,L-Methionine5.89 g Tyrosine1.53 g
Protean Hydrolyzed127.5 gPhenylalanine2.42g
L-Lysine3.95 gL-Theonine2.67 g
Purified Water Q.S. 1 litre


Amivit is a complex of hydro and fat-soluble Vitamins, Amino Acids and Electrolytes that corrects deficient states and improves animals yield and feed conversion rate. Amivit improves veterinary productivities with increasing resistance-power against disease. Amivit is very convenient to use without clog of nipple system because it is diluted equally well in hard water or cold water in winter. Amivit improves the resistance against diseases. Amivit aids in the prevention and treatment of the disease.

Indications and Species of destination

All animal species.

Amivit is indicated to prevent and correct avitaminosis and malnutrition states, and as a support in high-demanding production states and stressful situations (e.g.: to increase chick’s viability, to states and support states of moulting, convalescence, anorexia, etc.).


1 ml per 4-8 litres of Drinking Water for 5-7 days.

Oral route in drinking water.


Store in cool and dry place protected from sunlight.


1 Litre & 5 Litre